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Become a Dealer

Thanks for your interest. There are 3 options for becoming a dealer for 4 Aces Poker League.

Backup Dealer

Backup dealers do not commit to regular events. For all practical purposes you will be a player with full participation in the league, except that you will have the option to deal a game now and then, as well as to host full events. Being the host means you are responsible for the event, but you don't necessarily have to deal every table if you don't want to, so long as someone else wants to help out. Backup dealers are compensated through tips. (All dealers at all levels keep 100% of their tips.) In addition, you will receive 25 awesome points for every table you deal.


Dealers commit to hosting at least one event per week. Dealers are still players who can fully participate in the league, prizes and all. The only difference is compensation. Dealers receive tips, 50 awesome points for every table dealt, and 200 additional awesome points for every event hosted. By committing to one event per week you will have more than enough awesome points to always be VIP, and occasionally super VIP (even more starting chips than VIP). In addition, dealers will be given first dibs to pick up shifts over backup dealers.

Lead Dealer

Lead dealers commit to hosting at least one event per week. They can play for bragging rights but are not eligible for the same prizes as players. In exchange for this, they receive all the same compensation as dealers, plus a monthly thank you bonus which is dependent on player feedback, punctuality, reliability, etc. The amount of this ranges between $0 and $13 per event starting out, and can eventually be as high as $22 per event in addition to tips. This is a major chunk of what we make in profit per event, and is geared towards those who are looking for more than just a side gig. To reach this level you need to have an owner mentality, experience, initiative, and a lot of events under your belt as a dealer, and a long record of being highly punctual and dependable.

ALSO: How are you with social media and Facebook in particular? How many of your friends on Facebook are part of the league? Promotion is important and it helps if you are adept at using social media to keep in touch with everyone. If you have become friends with any players you need to add them on facebook, etc. so they can see your posts for when you are dealing / hosting an event and hopefully come out to play.

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